about me


i work at Digital Currency Group, where i build things. i am often found lurking in the comments section.

previously at MIT where i failed at building companies twice, and it was the most fun i’ve had in a long time. ran MIT Entrepreneurship and MIT VC Conference, 2014 MIT Clean Energy Prize. co-founded MIT FinTech. helped create MIT Future Commerce (MAS.S63) and bring it online.  also helped get FinTech Sandbox up and running.

spent my early career in Oil & Gas doing strategy & ops consulting, corporate finance, and commodities trading all over the world. studied math and economics at Rice University (Go Owls!)

i enjoy reading, cocktails with more than two ingredients, and long conversations about technology, finance, and anthropology. turkish by blood, dutch by birth, part-time american for the last 20 years.

believer in the power of community and human connection.