yet another (shitty) blog

i can hear your inaudible sighs. yet another (shitty) blog.

one of my goals for 2016 was to write every single day, and it’s almost june so i figured it was high time for me to get on with it. i’m going to be writing about anything and everything, but i spend my time working in the fun world of bitcoin and blockchain and enjoy building things – whether it’s communities, ideas, or just “stuff” – and hope this will be a good way to share and aggregate. i strongly believe that the most amazing work happens when we don’t care who gets the credit. it’s incredibly empowering to help others be successful, and i’ve learned so much about human nature from watching people behave in ways that are selfish, selfless, and in between.

i’m absolutely fascinated by the intersection of open source software, online communities, and financial technology. i believe we are living in one of the most exciting times in human history, where an online community (the bitcoin community) has created a financial system worth $7Bn (as of today) through collaborating on the development of ideology, software, and shared vision. this is the starting point for me – the ability for technology to enable the impossible to become possible, and to enable people to begin innovating around “the edges.”

so, here’s to sharing what we’ve learned, what we’re passionate about, and what we think should happen next. i’ll do my part, and i encourage you to join me on the journey! all feedback welcome via twitter @Melt_Dem


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  1. How can I learn more about bitcoin and blockchain? I’m interested in everything this article is about. Thank you

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