nothing is urgent

your life can quickly become unmanageable if you don’t know how to prioritize properly.

how do you choose where to spend your time? what will you do today? the day after? the day after that?

do you ever ask yourself this question at the start of the day? most people don’t. they open their inbox, or social media, or Slack, and they REACT. i’m convinced that for many people, the act of being stressed and overworked is an addiction, that they crave the need for chaos, anxiety, and the frantic energy of rushing from task to task. what happens when you live this way for a month, two months, a year? i did it, and it’s not fun. over the last few weeks, i’ve been exceptionally quiet. i’ve challenged myself to sit down, relax, stop, and quiet that impulsive voice that is constantly pushing me to do more, take on more, and work more. i realized that i’m addicted to activity – and that that addiction wasn’t getting me any of the results i wanted or needed. i myself, still have moments where I let my emotions get the best of me. and it always makes me feel terrible and out of control.

i started asking why.

the root of many of these problems is ego. most people believe that the world revolves around them and their ridiculous projects. they’ve built up a world view that is so narrow in focus and so oriented around their sense of self, that they lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people they interact with every single day who share that same belief – that they too are the protagonist in their own rich, complex story and the center of all attention. when people get so focused on these projects and ego-driven goals they set, they create this false sense that this project is URGENT and ESSENTIAL and must happen NOW and they create STRESS, when in fact this is just a feeling that they’ve brought to the situation by losing sight of the bigger picture. i’ve watched grown men scream like petulant children when things don’t go their way. i’ve seen people many years my senior, who i respect tremendously, fret over comments on social media and send passive aggressive messages.

nothing is urgent. nothing is worthy of keeping in your life if it creates anxiety, stress, and panic. you get to decide what you want to spend your time on, and when. so what do you want to do today? just sit down, take a deep breath, and instead of reacting, can you start being pro-active? what is it i want to get done today? and how do i quiet everything else around me to get it done? it takes a tremendous amount of discipline and purpose to do meaningful work.

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