things i like


sharing is caring. here are the blogs, magazines, newsletters, and things I enjoy.


The Ann Friedman Weekly: to get my lady-swagger on. hits my inbox fridays, read in bed on saturdays.

NextDraft by Dave Pell: probably one of the funniest (read sarcastic) people on the internet. this makes me feel like I know what’s happening in the world in ten easy bullet points per day.

Sorry for Marketing from Jay Acunzo: from the mastermind that built HubSpot’s marketing team, who is now at NextView Ventures building an epic pipeline using content marketing. full of snark, full of wit, always insightful even if you’re not a marketer. but let’s face it, we all have something to sell, don’t we?


ZeroHedge: because I want front row seats to the end of the (financial) world as we know it. not for the faint of heart.

r/bitcoin: you could say i’m a masochist, but i can’t get enough of this reddit. filter to keep the crazy at bay, or be like me and read it all for a good chuckle every now and again. you can’t make this stuff up.